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Annual HS Lacrosse Marathon - Mark Your Calendars

by posted 02/19/2018
Schedule February 12 - February 24

Raider Family.

Thank you for the great fan support on Saturday.  This email is to serve as are reminder of our schedule for the next two weeks and will be posted on the front of the website so you can reference the schedule that Coach Spotz has already sent out.  The Varisty and JV schedule for the next two weeks (always subject to change) is listed at the bottom of this email.

The boys look great in their new uniforms Saturday and clearly they still enjoy the eye black.  That being said, the key to removing the eye black from the white shooter shirts, pinnes and shorts is Dawn Dish Detergent.  Please pretreat the uniform with dawn to rub it out before washing.  In addition, to help keep the uniform looking good for the three years please wash immediately after us do not use bleach, wasih in cold water and hang uniform to dry.  

This week begins the first week of games for our JV and Varsity teams and it is an incredibly exciting time.  Please note that the turf is typically used every night of the week with different sporting events now.  As weather also dictates issues at Dickerson and Robinson that means sometimes we will have to be flexible with practice times, turf times, etc... Coaches and captains may also add in an extra meeting from time to time as well.

For home varsity games, players can assume to plan to be at the boys locker room an hour and a half before the game so that we can do final talk throughs and dress out for our warmups.  Again specific meeting times will be set by coaches and captains and texted out. 

For home JV games (typically at 5:45pm or 5:55pm), players can expect to meet up at 5pmoutside the fences, because track practice will still be going on, and between 5pm and 5:15pmthey are able to take the field for warmups.  Again specific meeting times will be set by coaches and captains and texted out. 

For all AWAY games I will post the time the bus departs in my weekly email so that players can plan to be there 10 minutes prior to that dressed and ready to go in the bus lane. 

VARSITY Schedule

Monday -  3:45pm to 5:15 pm on the turf and we will also have a film session from 7:30pm to 8:45pm in room 329

Tuesday3:45pm to 5:15pm on turf

Wednesday: Opening Day, Home Varsity Game at 7:45pm vs. Cambridge 

Thursday: Film Session 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  Team stretching and light stickwork in gym from 7:45pm to 8:15pm. Offensive players encouraged to shoot on their own earlier in the afternoon.

Friday: Away Varsity Game at 8pm @ Milton - The Bus for our Milton game will leave at 5:40pm.  Plan to be at the bus lane by 5:30pm dressed and ready to go.

Saturday: Off 

February Break Week:

  • We will have practice on Monday Feb 19thTuesday Feb 20th, and Wed Feb 21st from 7:45pm to 9:30pm each night on the turf

  • We will be departing from Walton High School on Thursday February 22nd for our Florida trip at 8:30am sharp.  

    • Players WILL NEED TO ARRIVE AND CHECK IN BY 8AM SHARP!  Players will have their bags searched completely for any inappropriate items such as tobacco or alcohol. 

    • Players will be permitted to bring their lacrosse bag, 1 small suitcase or duffle bag, and 1 small backpack for on the bus.

      • Players will be expected to bring both sets of jerseys as well as their pinnie. Players will be expected to have some sort of air freshener put in their lacrosse bag, and a way to keep their jerseys looking nice and able to air dry out after the first game. 

      • Players will be expected to wear Flux pants and black jacket on the bus ride, with the grey Climb To Greatness shooting shirts on the ride to Florida.  Players will be expected to have 1 pair of khaki pants, their black varsity polo (if it comes in time), both shooting shirts, and their white sweatshirt. 

JV Schedule

JV Schedule this week and the week of Feb break

Monday: Off
Tuesday5:30am to 7am on the turf
Wednesday: Opening Day Home game vs. Cambridge 5:45pm
(*JV Coaches will tell players what to wear to school today, time to arrive for game, and game jerseys to wear)
Thursday: Film 7:30pm to 8:30pm in room 329
Friday: Practice 6:30pm to 8:30pm on turf
Saturday: Away game @ Milton at 11am.  Bus leaves at 9:30am.  Meet by bus lane at 9:20amin game gear.

February Break week:

Monday Feb 19th: JV Practice 6:30 - 8:15pm on turf
Tuesday Feb 20th: JV Practice 6:30 - 8:15pm on turf
Wednesday Feb 21st: JV Practice 6:30 - 8:15pm on turf



by posted 02/11/2018
Picture Location change


Please arrive at the Atrium at 10:45 for pictures wearing sneakers and all white uniforms.  Please text your teammates and remember no cleats.  Go Raiders!!!

by posted 02/10/2018
Jenson and Michalek named top defensemen

Congratulations to Juniors Grant Jenson and Drew Michalek!  They were named as 2 of the top 3 lacrosse defensemen in the class of 2019 for the state of Georgia by Lax Records.  Lax Records publishes a list of top players to watch across the country.

Both students started on Varsity last spring as sophomores and were big contributors to the Walton lacrosse program.  Drew Michalek was named a 3rd Team All State lacrosse player for 2017.  Grant Jenson had a great season as well and a strong summer playing for the Thunder LB3 2019 National Team and was named a Sweetlax All Star.  The list of players is impressive and we are excited to have 2 from our Walton lacrosse team to be named as top players in the state.  The complete article for 2019 Georgia Lacrosse Records can be found here: Class of 2019 Georgia Players to Watch.

Both Drew and Grant also play on the Walton Varsity football team and are honors/AP student-athletes.  We are proud to have them representing Walton both on and off the field!  

by posted 09/03/2017
Walton Boys Lacrosse Partners with Nike

We are very excited to announce that Walton Boys Lacrosse has been named the official Nike Lacrosse team in Georgia!  We look forward to sporting new Nike uniforms and apparel this season.  We expect the best from our Walton players on the field and in the classroom, so we are thrilled to partner with a company who also strives for excellence in all that they do.

by posted 09/03/2017
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