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Welcome back from break...

We hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe break this week.  We also hope you took the time to get in some practice and some conditioning.

Reminder that tomorrow is another bye week for ECFL, there are no games for any Walton team tomorrow in the Lassiter Fall League.  Games will resume on 10/8/17 where Walton Blue, Walton Red and Walton JV all play a Lassiter team!

Stick skill training will resume this week on Tuesday 10/3 and Thursday 10/5.  Full attendance is expected. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, let's have a great week of work and follow it up with a great weekend of games!

by posted 09/30/2017
Fall Ball Week 1

Great first week of lacrosse all around boys.  

I think the T/TH clinics have been great so far, keep in mind that you will get out of it what you put into it.  That means that what you learn on T/TH you need to also practice on off days.  I urge you to humbly examine the details of your game; the good habits and the bad, and then put the work in to make the changes you need to get better.  Every single player should be making adjustments to their game. Like we discussed, the little things will make the big difference.

Friday nights’ JR Clinic was great, thank you to those that volunteered.  Almost all of you there were engaged, energetic, enthusiastic, and great ambassadors for the high school program.  The feedback we received was all very, very positive.  It sounds like everyone had fun and learned a lot.  Well done!

Lastly, it was fun to go against some other teams in a competitive environment today.  In the 2 games I saw there were some good things but also a lot of things we clearly need to work on.  Sounds like the JV game was competitive also.  As mentioned, you need to be able to perform under the heat of a game situation and that only comes with practice, practice, practice. 

There is a great Navy Seal quote that I have used in sports and in business and I mentioned it to a few kids today.  The saying states that under times of pressure or duress we don’t rise to the occasion and perform, we default to our highest level of training.  That just means you can’t expect to just turn it up in a game situation, you will default to your core base-line of skill almost all of the time and that base-line is all about how much you prepare.  The choice of where you set your own base-line is all up to you.

As we move forward in the fall it is critical that we take steps forward each week, both physically by refining our stick skills and mentally by refining our lax IQ – if we do I am excited about what you will be able to accomplish this spring.  1 week down, plenty to go…

Enjoy your 2 days off, great opportunity to go hit the wall!!

Coach Pritts

by posted 09/11/2017
Jenson and Michalek named top defensemen

Congratulations to Juniors Grant Jenson and Drew Michalek!  They were named as 2 of the top 3 lacrosse defensemen in the class of 2019 for the state of Georgia by Lax Records.  Lax Records publishes a list of top players to watch across the country.

Both students started on Varsity last spring as sophomores and were big contributors to the Walton lacrosse program.  Drew Michalek was named a 3rd Team All State lacrosse player for 2017.  Grant Jenson had a great season as well and a strong summer playing for the Thunder LB3 2019 National Team and was named a Sweetlax All Star.  The list of players is impressive and we are excited to have 2 from our Walton lacrosse team to be named as top players in the state.  The complete article for 2019 Georgia Lacrosse Records can be found here: Class of 2019 Georgia Players to Watch.

Both Drew and Grant also play on the Walton Varsity football team and are honors/AP student-athletes.  We are proud to have them representing Walton both on and off the field!  

by posted 09/03/2017
Walton Boys Lacrosse Partners with Nike

We are very excited to announce that Walton Boys Lacrosse has been named the official Nike Lacrosse team in Georgia!  We look forward to sporting new Nike uniforms and apparel this season.  We expect the best from our Walton players on the field and in the classroom, so we are thrilled to partner with a company who also strives for excellence in all that they do.

by posted 09/03/2017
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